Posted by: eleccircuit | July 12, 2011

LED VU meter with npn transistor

The V.U. meter that works with the integrated amplifier circuit.The signal will sound, the audio amplifier circuit into VU meter circuit.And will show the level of the signal by flashing light. Rhythm of the music with LED…. Source: LED VU meter circuit by transistor

Posted by: eleccircuit | July 12, 2011

Music keyboard circuits

The work of the circuit this origin frequency sound circuit model astable multi vibrator. When build the circuit suits power supply the circuit will still don’t work. But if we press switch S1 the circuit will begin the work. By have current flow through R9 get along well with B of Q2, make Q2 begin the work before, then have current flow through SP1, R11 and LED1 at the same time…Source:Keyboard music circuit

Posted by: eleccircuit | July 12, 2011

Simple bandpass filter circuit

When you want band pass Filter Frequency circuit 1KHz size in model easiness. I begs for to advise this circuit , because it uses , IC LM324 OP-amp highly popular the one number. By this circuit Filter frequency 1kHZ especial can change only. … Source: 1khz bandpass filter by ic lm324

Posted by: eleccircuit | June 8, 2011

Digital Touch ‘N Flip by IC 4011

Ever wonder how a touch plate, like the kind you see on some elevators and lamps work? This circuit will give you a feel for how the touch plate works in a circuit and you can expand on the circuit to suit your project needs. The touch plate can be a small piece of metal or aluminum foil. Start the circuit by moving S2 to the set position and then back to the previous position.Read more

Posted by: eleccircuit | June 8, 2011

Electronic Combination Lock

This circuit is very basic to build. To open a the lock which is connected to the K1 Load you must press each momentary switch in the correct sequence. The sequence used in this circuit is S1,S2,S3,S4. If any of the other switches are pressed the circuit will reset and you will need to start over. Read more

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