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Digital logic circuit

Digital logic circuit

This is digital logic circuit. Which use digital IC kind CMOS and TTL many the number.
It be the character gate very the circuit has appropriately. It is the measuring instrument logic
show electricity position low or high get. May show with LED or utter hear all right.
The gate IC come to use produce sound frequency or the other circuit

Digital Logic Probe by IC TTL 7414
6 Aug 2007 … This circuit is quite useful for displaying the states of digital lines.
The two 330R resistors may need to be changed as the circuit I …

Pulse Reading Logic by 74LS00 and 74LS123
6 Aug 2007 … This circuit is supplied as a hobby project. It uses indicator LEDs to …
Digital Logic Probe by IC TTL 7414 · Current source with LM317 » …

Logic Digital Tester by LM324
1 Oct 2008 … This is Logic Digital Tester Circuit. It uses the level input about 5V
and use the integrated circuit LM324. Be Main Part electronics …

Simple Logic Probe by NE556
6 Aug 2007 … The usefulness of this logic probe is limited to low frequency
digital circuits. Related Links More digital circuit …

IC 4001 NOR gate (IC digital)
10 Jul 2007 … The NOR gate is a digital logic gate that implements logical NOR
– it behaves according to the truth table to the right. …

Logic probe by IC 4050
5 Jun 2007 … When you learn digital circuit necessary tool for check logic of the digital.
May flee don’t pass Logic probe for extremely amateur type our …

Simple Pulse Generator by IC 555 Timer
24 Apr 2008 … This is a simple pulse generator circuit with IC 555 timer.
Use for digital Logic circuit. IC 555 use voltage supply 5V to 15V.

Logic Probe by 74LS47
19 Jun 2008 … This circuit is a Logic Probe. It indicates the logic state of the node of any …
2008 at 6:52 pm and is filed under Digital, circuit com. …

Monostable Flip Flop
19 Apr 2007 … In the discrete circuit, the left transistor normally conducts
while the right side is turned off. … Digital Logic Probe by IC TTL 7414 …

Standard Touch Switch by Gate of IC 4011
27 Apr 2008 … This circuit uses a 4011 logic gate digital as the bases of the touch switch.
It are Standard and very easy because I used a Gate of IC 4011 …

Squarewave Oscillator
Use for digital Logic circuit. IC 555 use voltage supply 5V to 15V. The output’s frequency is control
by R1. Detail more, Please read in this image circuit. …

Audible Logic Probe
27 Apr 2007 … When testing circuits with a logic probe, it is sometimes difficult to watch
the LEDS on … Logic probe by IC 4050 · More digital circuit …



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