Posted by: eleccircuit | June 17, 2010

Lithium-ion battery charger circuit

Lithium-ion battery Rechargeable batteries are commonly used in power electronic devices such as notebooks today, iPod, digital cameras and many other types. Information on the web, Apple has said the standard Lithium-ion battery and shows the physical properties of its standards. The reference to Li-ion batteries in other electronic devices as well.
Lithium-ion battery and charger soon almost all the energy to charge the battery up to 80% of capacity was observed from image When charged to 80% then switch to a trickle charger or charge calmly. Fast charging time measured from the power tubes out to the 80% approximately two hours, then charge to approximately 2 hours until full capacity.
Next, we look integrated with each li-ion battery.

  1. li ion battery charger
  2. li-on battery charger
  3. Lipo Battery Charger
  4. lithium battery
  5. Lithium Polymer battery

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